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The history of dynamic and progressive thinking

Abdul Hadi Foods is an established Export/Import Wholesaler and distribution company  based in Pakistan since 2005. Abdul Hadi Foods is a leading wholesaler, supplier, trader  and distributor of all Agriculture and Wholegrain products as well fruits and vegetables. Being a wholesaler and distributor of internationally renowned brands give the company an advantage  over its competitors as it is able to offer competitive prices to its customers.

MiddleEast,Europe and Africa are some of the main markets the company has been exporting  its goods on a regular basis to.

Located in the Prestigious State of Punjab,Pakistan.The Company has earned an enviable  reputation as a reliable trustworthy and efficient supplier and is gearing to penetrate new and  emerging markets by forming long term business alliances with importers, stockers and  wholesalers in the world.

We help our customers in every possible way so that they feel confident enough to proceed  further with us.We do everything in our power to provide excellent services in more effective  manner.

We seek for serious importers and distributors with the network capability distribution abilities  and above all the business vision to build and penetrate an established brand in his home  market. Excellence is still and always the main concern of our team devoted to serving our  clientele.



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